Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, I think I need to mainline some tea/chicken noodle soup/gatorade/Emergen-C...right. now. I'm not feeling so hot, it's probably just sinuses. I was around a lot of smoke on Tuesday night and then it was really windy the next day so there was probably something in the air.

There's an awards ceremony dinner tonight for work. Going to that and then heading home. I need to go mimis so I can get up, get my oil changed and then go work out twice...Tomorrow's going to be super fun! Yeah!

Food for today:
Fiber 1/Soy milk
Naked smoothie/banana/cup of frozen berries
Hummus/Cherub tomatoes/crackers
turkey/mustard/spinach/cheese sammich
raw almonds/dried apricots

I'm guessing dinner's going to be chicken fajitas, rice, beans and other delicious things. :D

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