Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yay for sisters

So ever since Vanessa moved up to San Antonio, I've thought more about how she's literally the only sister I have. As the only sisters to each other, we should probably be a little nicer to each other. After I kinda bitched and moaned about her not coming to the rec center with me yesterday, she didn't put up a fuss about coming with me today. Here she is!
Hehehe i dragged her to the gym w me :) on Twitpic

And, she did a really good job. Didn't stop once, and she finally stepped on a treadmill. She'd never done that in her life! Yay for new things, and for work out buddies! It really is easier when you have someone there.

I'll be baking with my buddy Erika tomorrow! I'll likely go to the rec early and get a work out in. Happy Fridays! Oh, and I've decided to make Wednesdays my weigh in day. This should be fun.

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