Thursday, December 31, 2009

Peace out, 2009

I hate making resolutions. The only one I've been able to keep has been the fast-food one, and that was kind of lax (not anymore!). Obviously that resolution will continue.

Aside from that I'm just going to stick with setting goals and then making them my bitch. Bam. Seriously though, I have to make sure I'm setting realistic goals. We basically figured out that I have to lose more or less five and a half pounds a month to reach my goal. Sounds easy enough.

Eh, I've had a pretty bad food day (Vietnamese for lunch, Chik-fil-A as per my year-end tradition for dinner), so I'm going to the gym. I was just going to pilates fo today but that's just not going to cut it. Like Helen said, "End the year with a trip to the gym!"

Have a safe New Year's Eve everyone! See you in 2010!

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