Friday, January 1, 2010

So this is the new year

...and I don't feel any different.

Back from the gym. I went to the locker room after I stretched and I was bright red. Yay for pushing it. Also, I was terrified that it would be crazy packed by all these Resolutioners, but it wasn't. There were maybe 20-25 people in the whole gym. Guess everyone's still hungover :D

I took yesterday off because I got sucked into a SVU Marathon and then had to get ready for Barb's shindig. Also the gym closed to early...and I got lazy.

There I said it. Might as well admit it. But just like every magazine article I've been reading says: I can't be so hard on myself. One bad day doesn't mean I stop, it just means I have to get back on the horse.

So yeehaw!

If the pollen counts aren't so bad tomorrow, I might go for a hike. We'll see.

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