Saturday, February 20, 2010


I like lists...That's why I make list blogs....Here's one right now!

1. Been stressing out lately. Almost thought about not going to the gym today and I realized that I spend most of my days preaching about exercise being such a good stress-reliever...and I ALMOST DIDN'T GO?! I'm a couple of things, hypocritical isn't one of them. So I made my way to the gym, kicked my own ass during my lower body work out and then during my cardio. Fun, fun! I felt great afterward. It was pretty effin' awesome.

2. I had pasta for the first time in over a month. It was wheat...I don't like wheat but this wasn't so bad. We substituted tofu for ricotta and it turned out quite well really.

3. That's really about it. Haha! I'm going to be crazy busy...I'll try updating. One week until weight in! Two pounds to go! I like exclamations points!

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