Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Something I might never be able to do right

is accept compliments.

Most anyone that knows me can attest to this. I can't. I usually start protesting, I say no, I say the shirt's a dress and it fits weird, I shake my head... but I'm working on it.

I'm trying to just say thanks. I'm trying to just accept said compliments. I think the hardest ones to accept are the weight loss ones. Whenever someone says I look leaner or smaller, I usually say no. I just don't think people really see it but I guess they do? I see changes in the mirror sure...but not substantial ones...or at least I don't think they're substantial enough to be mentioned. They're not substantial enough for all of my body issues to go away...stupid long road ahead of me...I'm still getting used to the concept of a new body...


When I was done with today's workout, I got my stuff from my locker and went over to the front desk to sign up for another "Design Your Own" Program sessions. One of the managers at the gym said, "Hey, you've been looking good lately. I've been meaning to tell you but you're always rushing out." I responded with a startled look and a stammered thanks and then some awkward silence while I was finding a date for the session. I'm an awkward turtle...maybe one day I'll get it right.

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