Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Camera Fail

Sooo I was going to start posting my photo food journal today, but my camera wasn't charged. Fail. I'm charging it tonight so I can start tomorrow.
I'm kind of spazztic right now, so bear with me. This will be an all-over-the-place kind of blog entry.
1. I want a bike. I'm thinking mountain cause I don't see myself riding in the city, and really I think trails are more my thing. Add that to the wishlist.
2. I want to try that overnight oatmeal Mansee keeps talking about, but I'm a bit put off by the mush factor...weird, I know.
3. I didn't wear flat shoes today and my feet felt wonderful. I hate being flat footed. I hate not being able to find cute shoes. I hate overpronating. GRRRR. I'm on the search for sole inserts...Any suggestions?
4. I'm really excited to start my training program. I hope I can keep up! I have a good feeling about it.
5. I love my friends and family. I couldn't do this without any of you. You all know who you are.
6. Planning some changes and revamps to the blog, so I can post the links of my Facebook statuses. I'm terrified. For some reason, having all of my contacts know how much I weight is starting to make me feel a little light headed. But I'll get over it, just like I'll get over this.
7. Thinking about making at least one meal a day completely vegetarian. No meat, no eggs, no cheese. I'm looking into my options. I have plenty of books on recipes. Look forward to that.
8. I weigh in on Sunday morning, and I'm scared. I'm trying to make these last few days until then count.
9. I hate work, but at least I have a job.
10. My green messenger bag broke today. *moment of silence* I'm deeply saddened, it's been with me through some rough times, interesting friendships and countless interviews. Thanks for everything, bag.

Anyway, now I'm just rambling. I hope everyone has a fabulous day!


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  2. Woooould be call that bag green? I feel like it's more of a turquoise hue. Still, sad that it broke. ALSO! I made some overnight oats for you and Van to try tomorrow (Its late. You're sleeping right now. I'm a studying insomniac. Boo.)Anyway,I hope you like them :)

    P.S. The first time I commented it was logged in as you? Weird. So I try deleting it, but I don't know if it worked. Whatevs.