Friday, January 8, 2010

Jimmy Fallon is my favorite

He usually does Thank You letters on Friday, they're totally funny, check them out if you get a chance. His are usually jokes about the week's events, or him bitching about slow walking tourists, or other things of that nature.

While I love his concept, I don't think I'm entirely funny, so I'll just try sticking to heartfelt Thank Yous for the week.


This week's Thank You goes to my baby sister, Vane. She's been mentioned a few times before (haha, few), and she's been helpful in our efforts of staying in and making dinner. She's also signed up for Planet Fitness and is now going to the gym with me. As everybody knows, going to the gym with a buddy helps keep you in check. In this same respect, Van usually asks when we're going, if we're going, what we're doing, if I've logged in that days activity in the Presidential Fitness Challenge (which reminds me I haven't blogged about) forth and so on. She even did some yoga with me this week! LOL That was an ordeal...I should have taken video but I was trying to focus. Anyway, yes, this is me saying thanks to a wonderful sister who helps keep me accountable.

Tomorrow should be interesting. I want to make it to the gym in the morning but with the temperature being in the teens, I keep having a hard time unraveling myself from my comfy, cozy bed. Then its the first meeting of the We're Here For Each Other Club (name still in progress), then a friend is coming in from out of town so I must play hostess...I'll let you know how it goes.

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