Monday, January 18, 2010

Up all night!

Ha. So a few things tonight (and I'll likely hit on most of these at later times) :

Forgot to make goals for the week: How much of a failure is that?! Well, really no more fail-y than not fulfilling one of my resolutions for last week--eating Quinoa. In my defense, HEB as out of it when we looked last week. Anyway, I finally got some, so expect to hear my full review of it later this week. Now for this week:
I'm going to up my gym-going time to four days a week. This way, I'll get four days of moderate cardio and two days of something else.
I'm taking the stairs. I've been terrified of the two flights (sounds pathetic, right?) it takes to get to my cubicle for far too long.
I'm keeping up last week's goals of eating right and living right.

Which brings me to my second note of the night.
Eat more veggies: I'm just not having enough. Usually at around 4 p.m. I'm sitting around thinking...have I had all my recommended servings? And I've likely not. It's not that I don't like veggies, I just make excuses for not eating/preparing them. I have a few recipes I want to try out. for this week, and I've plenty of frozen ones that shouldn't take long to cook. I just have to remember to get them all in.

Note numero tres: I really cannot stress how much all the sugar I had yesterday messed with me. I had a headache all day, it was almost like I was hungover. And I didn't feel particularly good about those choices. Also, I had a pretty bad food day today: my oatemeal spilled over in the microwave at work, so I ended up with about a third of the original amount. I didn't get around to eating lunch until about 4, due to a cute, but completely swamped waiter. I passed out at around 8 and woke up at 10:30 and had a bowl of cereal at 11. So my metabolism is not happy with me. I need to learn how to plan for days like these!

I'm going to wrap-up with a few more things: I can't count. Last week I said I had two weeks left before weigh in. I actually have two weeks as of yesterday, which is nice. I have more time to work on my goal, but I feel a little sheepish. Anyway, that's all I have right now. I need to go to bed, tomorrow's going to be a long day.

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