Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm working on my faults and cracks

Brief post before I go work out.

Mans joined Planet Fitness! Yay for more workout buddies :D

I'm in love with Zachary Levi.

Bought the new Ke$ha album (fabulous for working out–It's basically Katy Perry beats meets Gaga style and Boys-are-fun-to-play-with-but-don't-fall-for-them-'cause-that's-just-a-bad-idea anthems.)

and the new Vampire Weekend album (which has good Afro-beats to try jogging along to–keyword try, I have a shitty knee after all.)I'm also digging on RX Bandit's "Progress" CD for elliptical sessions. It's got their best stuff. Check it out if you can. Anyway, gotta go change and lace up my Nikes. Tootles.

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