Monday, January 4, 2010

Took the day off cause I'm crazy sore. I'm kinda walking funny. Moving on, Vane's signing up at Planet Fitness tomorrow! Yay! Now, I can work out with her, too. This week is going to be super's a test...and I'm going to pass it, dammit.

I'm kind of a salad fiend lately. Had an amazing Spinach salad at Guillermo's downtown, then had a late dinner (mostly cause I didn't plan well) of gumbo and salad at Jason's Deli. Shout out to Stef for talking soo much about gumbo that I had to have some tonight. I'm sticking with making my plate colorful when it comes to making my own salad: I piled on the field greens, cherry tomatoes, artichokes, yellow bell peppers, some green olives...yummers!

Anywhoo, OK so this is going to sound ridiculous but I have an eating problem: I eat too fast. Not only does it leave me feeling not full and therefore I overeat and feel stuffed after, but I've been working on it. I'm making myself savor every bite, which is a little aggravating but I'm brainwashing myself into thinking I'm developing my palette (which I problably am). In order to do this I chop most everything into tiny bites, make sure there's a little bit of everything in each forkful and chew about 12-18 times. I really pick up on the earthiness of the greens, the sweetness of the bell peppers, the tartness of the olives...hmmm...good stuff.

I'm totally ending this abruptly, but I'm tired. Off to shower and get cozy on my bed. Night, yall!

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